What Are the Signs of Water Damaged Cabinets in Little Rock

Cabinets are everywhere in the Little Rock metro. They’re in your kitchen. They’re in your bathroom. They hide your unsightly plumbing connections and give you a place to store your mismatched or separated food storage containers we all dread! But what they more than likely have in common is they’re all made of wood or composite material.

Any amount of water short term can begin the breakdown process of the cabinet. And situations of unrepaired or recurring water exposure can be even worse. Water will cause them to split, swell or ruin cabinets, even solid wood cabinets. The key to fixing the damage is the immediate removal of the water and drying them out completely before additional damage happens. But what are you looking for? How do you find water damage in cabinets? Our water damage restoration experts recommend you become familiar with the signs of water damage.

Moldy, Musty Smell Near Your Cabinets

Water damage to cabinets isn’t always immediately seen. Sometimes you will notice mildew or sour smell coming from your cabinets before you see signs of water damage. Mildew smell is described by some as an earthy, funky, sour, or mushroomy – almost like wet laundry. Always trust your nose and look for green, white, or other discolorations.

If you notice a moldy or musty smell from your kitchen, take it seriously, as you may have a hidden leak or underlying problem that if not fixed immediately could continue to cause damaging effects on other property in the home, or even worse, affect the health of the home occupants.

Visible Signs of Water Damaged Cabinets

It happens, we get it. The occasional splash of water on a cabinet will evaporate. But constant leaks, spillage, or just lingering moisture causes a concern. We have even seen high humidity cause mold and water damage due to lack of ventilation.

Different types of cabinets show water damage in different ways. For example, your kitchen cabinets may bubble or the veneer might peel off when exposed to long-term moisture. The most common type of cabinets nowadays is MDF cabinets. MDF cabinets are made of “Medium-density fiberboard” and are of comparable quality to wood cabinets. It’s important they are sealed along all edges to be able to withstand moisture and humidity. If they’re subjected to long-term moisture, or sometimes even short-term moisture, they can easily swell and disfigure altogether. Holding in the water, and beginning the chance of microbial growth.

One obvious sign those wood cabinets may have been compromised by a water leak is dark stains. A closer look may show they are losing their finish or the sheen may look a different color.

Another sign is the base of the cabinet or the toe kick plate crumbling (or feeling wet), or even the doors/drawers being hard to close.

Just as with Moldy, Musty Cabinets, if you notice signs of water damage, you should have the professional service team at ABS Restoration Services, Inc. fix the water problem and repair or replace your cabinets.

Why Can’t I just Paint Over The Damage?

For the most part, technically, you could. But, painting over water-damaged cabinets is only a short-term fix – just covering up an underlying issue. Do you have a water leak? Do you have high humidity with minimal ventilation? Take the time to find the source of the moisture before trying to cover it up with paint. Or call ABS to help you resolve your problem.

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Signs of Water Damage
Signs of Water Damage
Signs of Water Damage